Bent Basket


Bent Basket is the first bent wood bike basket.

Strap it down and ride.

Bicycles are more than just a mode of transportation--they're an expression of your personality and freedom. Bike baskets today don’t meet the needs of the urban cyclist. Bent Basket was inspired by the need to bring durability, usability, and clean design to the bike basket world.

Bent Basket was designed in San Francisco two years ago, tested in Paris, and refined in New York City. Since the first prototype, people have been raving about Bent Basket:

“The plywood, nylon and aluminum construction sits over the front wheel where you can gaze upon its lovely curves as you ride.” -- Wired

“If you're a design geek--or if you've got any Eames-era bent wood in your house--this bike basket is for you.” -- FastCompany

“I am tempted to buy a new bike just so that I can use this bike basket by Faris Elmasu. The Bent Basket is a minimalistic beauty. Totally, entirely, utterly #wishlisted.” -- Swissmiss 

“Thanks one elegant bike basket...Yet you have resisted the bike basket because, let’s face it, they’re dorky. This thing, however, might be right up your alley.” -- TechCrunch



  • Strong Wood - Bent Basket is made with seven sheets of maple veneer and is hydraulic pressed with 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure. We use the the same process as skateboard deck manufacturing meaning that this basket is not only strong and flexible, but can also take falls and whatever everyday cycling brings about.
  • Weather Resistant - The wooden platform uses water proof resin to bind all 7 sheets of plywood. Once formed, water proof varnish is applied to all exposed surfaces for maximum protection against rain or snow. 
  • Strong Frame - The metal mounting frame uses high grade stainless steel and powder coated for maximum scratch and rust resistance.


  • Integrated / Removable strap system - Uses a composite of synthetic and cotton fibers to give a long stretch without overstretching over time. Different colored straps secure your stuff and are beautifully integrated into one cool looking basket. No more ugly bungee cords!
  • Nothing will fall out - Whether you’re climbing stairs to your apartment or you hit a bump on the way to school/work, your things stay strapped down, nothing will fall out.
  • Will fit a wide range of bicycle types - Mounting frame is designed to fit the wide range of bikes. 
  • Easy installation - Takes only 10 mins to install Bent Basket. Your shipped package will include all the necessary hardware.

Design in mind

  • Clean lines - Bent Basket adheres to the Dieter Rams ten principles for good design and for good reason.
  • Designed by Faris Elmasu - Faris holds a number of international design awards and has successfully designed to manufacture dozens of products to retail. 
  • Colored Straps to match your style - Choose from four colored straps like: White, Charcoal Grey, Navy Blue and Salmon Red.
  • Product Dimensions - 17in x 13in x 2.5in @ 4.5lbs 


While we have experience manufacturing products and spent the better part of the year figuring out how and where to source Bent Basket, it goes without saying that there are a few risks involved with supporting us. We aim to be open and transparent as much as possible about the potential challenges and risks in producing Bent Basket:

Ship date: We have built in extra time for the manufacturing process and are confident we will ship by the projected dates, but there is always a chance that things will take longer than planned.

Product changes: As we refine Bent Basket based on more product testing, slight changes may be made. We'll only make changes that'll make Bent Basket better.

Supplier coordination: We'll do our best to produce Bent Basket from one supplier--rather than clustered manufacturing. But in the event that we do need to source the wood, frame or straps from more than one supplier, each one will have their own lead times and challenges which in turn effect the ship date.